3M Anti-Slip Tape for Stair Treads


The #1 selling Amazon product for staircase wood tread safety is the 3M Anti-Slip Stair Tread Tape. It installs in minutes and provides a lasting grip surface and best of all, it’s clear!

Step 1 – Measure and cut the strips. You can double them up for a wider surface and even trim them slimmer if you prefer. You want to leave at least a 1 inch gap on the ends to achieve the best look.

Step 2 – Stick the tape on the wood tread where you want it. Make sure it’s even!

Step 3 – Using the Rubber Hand Roller, Roll over the tape a few times to make sure no air bubbles are left over. If air bubbles are left behind the tape could peel up over time.

And that’s it! It only takes a few minutes to install. I like the fact that it’s clear and doesn’t distract from beauty the hardwood treads but it is visible enough to see.

Grip Tape for Stairs is just another great idea in staircase safety.

We do not sell this product but you can safely purchase it on Amazon.

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