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Round Tubular Iron Balusters (Hollow)

The Round Tubular balusters offer a smooth, elegant design with unique knuckles and baskets not found on other series. They are made out of a higher grade steel than the solid balusters, giving them the same strength with less weight. Round Tubular balusters are also 5/8″ inches making them slightly more beefy than slimmer styles.

  • Designer Tubular Round
  • Hollow Wrought Iron (does not bend)
  • 44 in. Tall by 5/8 Round
  • 3 to 3.75 lbs.
  • Available in : Satin Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Round Tubular Hollow

16.8.1 Plain Round Hollow Bar


Round Tubular Hollow

16.8.2 Single Knuckle Hollow


Round Tubular Hollow

16.8.3 Double Knuckle Hollow


Round Tubular Hollow

16.8.4 Single Basket Hollow