Easy to install, just slide them on the baluster before installing the baluster! Shoes are designed to hide the gaps left over after drilling holes. We have shoes to match every baluster style and finish.

To install, simply slide the shoe onto the baluster and then glue your baluster into the hole. Next slide the shoe down or up and epoxy it into place (or use the set screw, but we recommend epoxy). Now you have a finished look for your install without having to sand, stain and fill in left over gaps!

Additional Base Shoe Information

How to Install Base Shoes

While most base shoes come with a set screw attached to the side of the shoe, we recommend always using epoxy. The set screw is designed to secure the shoe to the baluster, however this can sometimes cause a slight gap on one side as the screw does push itself to one side.  This gap is not really an issue but for those who find the visual gap bothersome, please do not use the screw and instead install it with a dab of epoxy. The epoxy will make sure it never comes lose in the future and you can evenly space the shoe around the baluster now to remove the unsightly gaps.