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Shop Scroll Series – Iron Balusters

Immerse yourself in our collection of Scroll Series Iron Balusters. Crafted with elegance in mind, these balusters feature eye-catching S-Shaped and Heart designs. They integrate perfectly with our Twist, Versatile, Ribbon, and even Round Series, allowing for diverse staircase designs. Use them centrally in every run for a consistent theme, or sprinkle them among every 5 to 6 balusters for a touch of unique charm. Enhance the beauty of your staircase with these timeless iron balusters today.

1/2″ Square – 44″ tall

Meets all building code standards

Scroll Series Iron Balusters


Modern Contemporary - Solid

2.10.1 Double Spiral Iron Baluster

Out of stock
Out of stock

Aalto Modern - Hollow

16.3.9 Level Base Collar