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Shop Twist & Basket – Hollow Iron Balusters

Welcome to our selection of Twist & Basket Hollow Iron Balusters, a superior solution for your stair remodel. Crafted from high-grade steel, these balusters offer strength and durability comparable to their solid counterparts, but with the added benefits of being lighter, easier to handle, and more affordable to ship. At 1/2″ square and 44″ tall, they’re designed to fit seamlessly into your staircase design. The rising popularity of hollow balusters makes them a smart choice for today’s homeowner.

1/2″ Square – 44″ tall – Tubular Metal

Meets all building code standards

Twist and Basket Hollow Iron Balusters


Aalto Modern - Hollow

16.3.9 Level Base Collar


Base Shoes for 1/2″ Balusters

16.3.21 Level Base Shoe with Screw Down Ears