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Quality Stair Hardware for Effective Staircase Installation

Stair Hardware forms a crucial part of any staircase installation. Our diverse selection encompasses an array of items that promote ease-of-installation and ensure long-lasting functionality. From basic elements to sophisticated accessories, our Stair Hardware collection is engineered to meet the diverse needs of your staircase project. Explore our range and find the ideal components to simplify your stair installation process.

Shop rosettes, handrail brackets, newel install kits, screws, drivers and wood plugs.

Handrail Brackets

3002 Handrail Bracket


Handrail Brackets

3003 Handrail Bracket


Stair Hardware

7037 Oval Rosette


Stair Hardware

7039 – Square Rosette


Stair Hardware

Dowel Screw


Stair Hardware

Dowel Screw Driver

Out of stock

Stair Hardware

Maple Plugs


Stair Hardware

Rail Bolt Driver


Stair Hardware

Rail Bolt Kit


Stair Hardware

Red Oak Plugs


AXIA - Wood Screws

S-9403 Wood Newel Mounting Kit


Stair Hardware

White Oak Plugs