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Shop Designer Round – Hollow Iron Balusters

Welcome to our collection of Designer Round Hollow Iron Balusters. These balusters are distinguished by their smooth, elegant design, unique knuckles, and exclusive baskets. Made from a higher grade of steel, they provide robust strength while being lighter in weight, ensuring an easier installation process. Their 5/8″ diameter gives them a beefier appearance, setting them apart from slimmer styles. Enhance your staircase design with these distinctive balusters today.

5/8″ Round – 44″ tall – Hollow Metal

Meets all building code standards

Round Tubular Hollow Iron Balusters

Round Tubular - Hollow

16.8.1 Plain Round Hollow Bar


Round Tubular - Hollow

16.8.13 Double Sphere Round Hollow


Base Shoes for 5/8″ Balusters

16.3.35 Round Hole Level Base Shoe with Set Screw