When it comes to choosing iron balusters for your staircase, one important decision to make is whether to go with hollow or solid balusters. While both types of balusters have their own unique features and benefits, there are a few key differences to consider when making your decision.

Solid Iron Balusters: Solid iron balusters are made from a single piece of iron and weigh around 3 pounds on average. They have a slight “iron” texture on their surface because they are forged rather than machined. The edges of solid balusters are slightly more squared off, and they are strong enough to meet all building code standards. Solid iron balusters can be cut with a chop saw and metal cutting blade, but they can be heavier and more costly to ship.

Hollow Iron Balusters: Hollow iron balusters, on the other hand, are made from a high-grade steel that is designed to be stronger than solid balusters. They weigh around 1.5 pounds on average and have a smooth finish because they are machined rather than forged. The edges of hollow balusters are slightly more round due to the machining process, and they can be cut with the same tools as solid balusters but are generally easier and faster to work with. Hollow iron balusters are also cheaper to ship due to their lighter weight.

Ultimately, the choice between hollow and solid iron balusters comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your project. Both types of balusters are strong and meet building code standards, so it really boils down to aesthetics and cost. By considering the differences between hollow and solid balusters, you can make an informed decision that is right for your staircase.

Solid Iron Balusters

  • Solid Iron – Weighs 3 pounds on average.
  • Texture – Slight “iron” texture on balusters because it is not a machined product. (It’s Forged).
  • Edges – The edges (corners) of solid products are slightly more squared off. See photo below.
  • Strength – Meets all building code standards.
  • Cutting – Cuts with chop saw and metal cutting blade.
  • Shipping – Solid iron gets heavy quick. Shipping is more costly.

Hollow Iron Balusters

  • Hollow Iron – Weighs 1.5 pounds on average.
  • Texture – Smooth finish because its machined rather than forged.
  • Edges – The edges (corners) are a little more Round because its machined.
  • Strength – Meets all building code standards. Actually is made out of a higher grade steel to be stronger.
  • Cutting – Cuts the same but easier and faster.
  • Shipping – Cheaper to ship!

Solid vs. Hollow Iron Balusters

Hollow on Left – Solid on Right

Solid vs Hollow Summary

Both balusters look virtually the same once installed. Hollow balusters are cheaper to ship, easier to handle and cut and install the same. Hollow balusters are quickly becoming the industry standard for production home building due to the cost savings and ease of installation.

Users who opt for solid generally view solid as being higher quality, which is usually true for lower quality brands of balusters, but our brand the quality is the same either way you go.

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