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Skandi: Scandinavian-Inspired Staircase Elements by House of Forgings

Introducing the SKANDI Series – a harmonious blend of wood newels, wood balusters, and the 6500 series handrail, all exclusively crafted by House of Forgings. Taking inspiration from the pure and functional aesthetics of Scandinavian design, this collection redefines contemporary elegance for staircases. Available in the warmth of Red Oak, the grace of White Oak, and the adaptability of Poplar, the Skandi Line ensures both style and substance.

Each element of the collection embodies the simplicity, functionality, and beauty that Scandinavian design is celebrated for. With the Skandi Line, you’re not just investing in staircase elements; you’re infusing your home with a design philosophy that values both form and function. Trust in the legacy of House of Forgings and let your staircase be a testament to modern design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Browse the 6500 series wood handrail & fittings here.

House of Forgings Skandi series wood handrail, balusters and newels in a stair remodel