Shop Wrought Iron Balusters for Staircase Remodeling

Discover the ideal solution for your staircase remodeling needs with our top-grade wrought iron balusters. Crafted to perfection, these balusters meet all building code standards and are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your staircase. Whether your home resonates with traditional charm or modern sophistication, our diverse range of styles and finishes ensures a perfect match.

House of Forgings Official Supplier

As your official supplier of House of Forgings brand iron balusters, we offer products that embody durability and style. Each baluster is meticulously crafted, free from lead and mercury, ensuring both safety and environmental responsibility.

Installing our iron balusters is a breeze, even for DIY novices. Most customers complete installation within a single weekend, making stair remodeling convenient and efficient. Plus, our iron balusters are lead and mercury-free, guaranteeing safety and environmental friendliness. Trust us as your official supplier of House of Forgings brand iron balusters and take the first step in transforming your staircase.

Browse our unique and best selling iron baluster collections below.

Horizontal Bars Iron Balusters

5/8 in. Round x 8 ft. Long

Foundation Iron Balusters

1″ Square Base – Exclusive to House of Forgings

SoHo Iron Balusters

Round – Mix & Match – Exclusive to House of Forgings

Aalto Modern Iron Balusters
Aalto Modern Series

1/2 in. Square – Hollow – Hottest Trend

Twist & Basket Hollow Iron Balusters
twist & basket – hollow

1/2 in. Square – Hollow – Best Seller

Wentworth Iron Balusters

Rustic Designs – Exclusive to House of Forgings

Versatile Contemporary Hollow Iron Balusters

1/2 in. Square – Hollow

Versatile Contemporary - Solid Iron Balusters

1/2 in. Square – Solid

Twist & Basket - Solid Iron Balusters
twist & basket – SOLID

1/2 in. Square – Solid

MEGA Iron Balusters

3/4″ Square – Hollow

Round Series Iron Balusters

9/16″ Round – Solid

Monte Carlo Iron Balusters

5/8″ Round – Hollow

Scroll Iron Balusters

Various Sizes & Finishes

Gothic Hammered Iron Balusters

9/16″ Square – Solid – Hammered

Tuscan Round Hammered Iron Balusters

9/16″ Round – Solid – Hammered

Tuscan Square Hammered Iron Balusters

9/16″ Square – Solid – Hammered

Designer Round Iron Balusters

5/8″ Round – Hollow

Designer Square Iron Balusters

5/8″ Square – Hollow

Ribbon Twisted Iron Balusters

1/2 in. Square – Solid

Stainless Steel Balusters

9/16″ Round – 304 Grade SS

Rebecca Iron Panels

Various Sizes – Used in Fabrication

Base Shoes

Shoes for All Sizes of Balusters


Various Styles

Round Newel Posts

Various Styles


Various Styles

Hollow vs. Solid Iron Balusters: Choose What Suits You Best

When selecting your balusters, consider our hollow and solid iron options. Both meet building codes and come in various styles, but here’s what sets them apart:

  • Hollow Iron Balusters: Lighter, easier to handle, cut, and install. They offer the strength of solid balusters but with the added benefit of potentially lower shipping costs due to their lighter weight. They feature a smooth finish for a sleek look.
  • Solid Iron Balusters: Known for their slight iron texture, they bring a traditional feel to your staircase.

We recommend hollow balusters for their ease of installation and similar strength to solid ones, although the choice ultimately depends on your preference and the specific style you’re seeking.

Easy Installation for DIY Enthusiasts

Installing our iron balusters is straightforward, even for those new to DIY projects. Most of our customers complete their staircase remodel over a weekend, making the process both convenient and time-efficient.

Choosing the Right Style for Your Home

Your home’s design theme is key when selecting balusters. Opt for styles like Twist and Basket or Ribbon series for traditional homes, or choose minimalistic designs like the Aalto or Versatile series for modern settings. The right finish will seamlessly integrate the balusters into your home’s existing style, creating a harmonious and elegant look.

Begin your staircase transformation journey with us. Choose from our high-quality wrought iron balusters, designed for ease, safety, and style, and take the first step in redefining your space with elegance and sophistication.

Staircase Terminology Related to Iron Balusters

Understanding the terminology related to staircase components can be challenging, especially for those not familiar with the specific jargon of the industry. That’s why we’ve provided a comprehensive list of 10 alternative terms commonly associated with iron balusters. This list aims to demystify the language surrounding staircase parts, ensuring that everyone, from seasoned professionals to first-time remodelers, can confidently navigate our range of products. Each term in the list addresses a different aspect or component of the staircase, helping to clarify distinctions and similarities between various parts like spindles, railings, pickets, and more. By offering this detailed explanation, we aim to eliminate confusion and empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their staircase remodeling projects. Whether you’re searching for a specific part or just exploring options, this list serves as a helpful guide to understanding the world of staircase components and the versatility of iron balusters in home design.

  1. Spindles (Iron Balusters): Often used interchangeably with balusters, spindles are the vertical rods or posts that support the handrail of a staircase. They provide both structural support and aesthetic appeal. Our collection includes a variety of spindle designs, made from durable iron, perfect for both traditional and contemporary staircases.
  2. Iron Railings (Complete Railing Systems): This term encompasses the entire railing system, including balusters, handrails, and base rails. Our iron railings are crafted for durability and elegance, offering a comprehensive solution for your staircase needs, from simplistic designs to intricate patterns.
  3. Stair Rods (Decorative Elements): Traditionally used for securing carpeting on stairs, stair rods can be a decorative element for staircases. While distinct from balusters, our range includes accessories that complement your staircase’s overall look.
  4. Banisters (Handrails and Balusters): The term banister often refers to the handrail or the entire railing system. Our collection features a range of handrails and balusters, providing a cohesive look for your staircase with both functional and aesthetic qualities.
  5. Stair Pickets (Vertical Supports): Similar to balusters, stair pickets are the vertical supports between the handrail and the staircase tread. Our iron pickets are designed for strength and style, fitting seamlessly into various interior designs.
  6. Stair Posts or Newel Posts (Structural Elements): These larger posts anchor the railing system at the staircase’s bottom and top. While not balusters, our newel posts are essential for a sturdy and visually appealing staircase, available in designs that match our balusters and handrails.
  7. Wrought Ironwork or Wrought Iron Railings (Craftsmanship and Material): This term emphasizes the material and craftsmanship. Our wrought ironwork showcases the skill involved in creating each piece, offering intricate designs and robust construction for your staircase.
  8. Guardrails or Guards (Safety Features): These terms refer to the protective railing system on a staircase. Our guardrails are designed to ensure safety while enhancing the aesthetic value of your home, available in various styles to meet different safety and design requirements.
  9. Staircase System or Stair System (Complete Assemblies): Referring to the entire set of components that make up a staircase, our stair systems include everything from balusters to treads and risers, offering a harmonious and complete solution for your staircase renovation.
  10. Stair Parts or Stair Components (Individual Elements): This collective term encompasses all elements of a staircase. Our range of stair parts includes individual items like balusters, handrails, and newel posts, allowing for customized staircase designs tailored to your specific requirements.