Types of Staircase Treads

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Standard Tread with Bullnose

The standard bullnose tread is generally a 1 inch thick tread that comes in a variety of depths (11-1/2″ to 18″) and lengths (42″ to 96″). This tread has a bullnose on one side. A bullnose is just a rounded edge. This tread usually has a wall on both sides, as opposed to our next type of tread, the mitered return.



Mitered Return Stair Treads

The mitered return has a “return” on one or both sides that is used for an open staircase where the tread needs to hang over the edge. These also have the bullnose on them and the most common size for these treads are 11-1/2″ (13″ with the return) and anywhere from 48 to 96 inches.




Bullnosed Landing Tread

A landing tread is used on any part of your staircase that comes to a landing, that is where it has a turn or level change. The bullnose landing tread serves to give the edge a finished tread look. This can also be used on the edge of a balcony area. Usually coming about 6-1/2″ in depth with a 1″ nosing and a 3/4″ tread. They come in various lengths up to 8 ft.