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The Do’s and Don’ts of Stair Remodel

When choosing to remodel your staircase, knowing some basic Do’s and Don’ts can save you some time and money.

Stair Remodel Do’s

  • Consult a local professional before you begin. They can measure your stairs and make sure you are purchasing the correct type and quantity of parts.
  • Consult an interior designer. There are many finishes and styles of stair parts and you want to make sure you get something that will look great in your home.
  • Read all product descriptions & FAQs before you buy. They have valuable information that may answer all of your questions and/or may influence your buying decision.
  • Compare reviews before buying. And then once you realize we are the #1 most and best reviewed online stair company, order from us 
  • Order well in advance. There are plenty of issues that could happen that nobody can control which might delay your parts arriving on time.

Stair Remodel Don'ts

  • Don’t mix and match parts. Try to stay within the same family of parts. This means having the same size, finish and bar style (smooth, hammered, round) will produce a better design than mixing and matching parts.
  • Don’t rush. A stair remodel is a big decision. Do your research and make sure you order the correct parts.
  • Don’t order last minute. A truck could break down. A pallet could get ran over. A pallet could be lost. Order in advance in-case we have to reship anything.
  • Don’t mix vendors. Many vendors have different styles and finishes, but use the same name. Order all of them from us to ensure a matching finish.
  • Don’t order from anyone else. Seriously. We are a real company with a real warehouse and we care about your order. Most of the other guys are nothing but drop-shippers and they don’t even have a warehouse and they ship from a variety of different vendors so you never know if you are getting the “good stuff”.