Types of Hammered Balusters


This weeks topic is regarding the different types of hammered iron balusters. Some hammering is done by hand and some is machine made.

Types of Hammered Balusters

Tuscan Square Hammered

Tuscan square hammered is a hand hammered product. It is a 9/16″ Square bar but due to the hand hammering it could be 5/8″ at its widest down to 1/2″. Every bar is completely different. Oil Rubbed Bronze looks great on this style.

Tuscan Round Hammered

Tuscan round hammered is also a hand hammered product. The size measures 9/16″ round. These are also hammered by hand giving them a textured round shape. Oil Rubbed Bronze is also the most popular finish for this style.

Gothic Hammered

Gothic hammered is a machine made finished with evenly spaced stamps on the face of the bar. The hammering is the same on every bar. This bar measures 9/16″ Square. Oil Rubbed Copper is the most popular finish for this style.

Santa Fe Hammered

Santa fe hammered is another machine finish with evenly spaced hammering on the corners of the bar. Santa fe hammered only comes in Satin Black and it also measures 9/16″ Square.

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  • Douglas Lovin