Iron Baluster Shoes – What are they used for?

Iron baluster shoes are decorative pieces that are used to hide gaps and imperfections around the base of the baluster after drilling holes for installation. They are purely decorative and do not provide any structural support.

To install iron baluster shoes, you can slide them over the baluster and secure them with epoxy. Alternatively, you can use a set screw to hold the shoe in place, but this may result in a gap on one side of the shoe due to the screw pushing it to one side. It’s also possible for the set screw to come loose over time if the baluster shoes are bumped or knocked around. To avoid these issues, you can use epoxy to evenly secure the shoes around the baluster, but this method may be more difficult to use for shoes that go under the top of the handrail.

When choosing iron baluster shoes, it’s important to select shoes that are made for the size of your balusters. For example, 1/2″ shoes are for 1/2″ balusters, 9/16″ shoes are for 9/16″ balusters, and 9/16″ Tuscan shoes are for hand-hammered Tuscan balusters. It’s also worth noting that the opening on the shoes may be slightly larger than the size listed, as the balusters need to fit inside the hole without scraping or damaging the surface.

When using shoes with hand-hammered balusters, it’s important to keep in mind that these balusters may have some variations in size due to the hand-hammering process. As a result, the opening on the shoes for Tuscan balusters may be slightly larger to accommodate these variations. This is not a problem and can actually add to the rustic, hand-crafted look that is often desired in homes with a more traditional or Italian style.

Iron Baluster Shoes

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