Types of Base Shoes

When it comes to stair remodeling, base shoes are an essential element. These decorative pieces serve to hide any gaps left over from drilling and installing, and can add a finishing touch to your staircase.

There are three types of base shoes to choose from: disc shoes, basic base shoes, and angled/rake base shoes.

Disc shoes are flat and slim, making them ideal for simple or modern designs. They don’t require a screw and can be secured in place with a small dab of epoxy.

Basic base shoes are flat and have a square design, making them suitable for all styles of staircases, from traditional to modern. They typically use a set screw to tighten to the baluster, but we recommend using a dab of epoxy for a more permanent setup. These can be used on the bottom or on the top of your railing, under the handrail.

Angled/rake base shoes are similar to flat base shoes, but are specifically designed for use on angled surfaces. The average staircase has a 36 degree pitch, and these shoes are designed to fit that angle perfectly. They also have some wiggle room to accommodate a couple degrees in either direction. If your stairs have a different angle, you can adjust the angle of the shoe by notching out a small area where it would sit, or by sanding it down on a belt sander. These shoes can also be used on the bottom or on the top under the rail.

Types of Base Shoes


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