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Different Types of Newel Posts

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There are four different types of newel posts for stairs; standard newels, landing newels, pin-top newels and stabilizer newel posts.

Standard Newel Posts

The standard newel post is your typical block top newel post that is used in a post-to-post system. These are used when your handrail will be at the same height throughout your railing system.

Landing Newel Posts

Landing Newel Posts are used when ever you have a level change, such as a middle or upper landing, and the handrail changes the height. The block top on the landing newel is usually 13 inches tall.

Pin-Top Newel Posts

Pin-Top newels are used in an over-the-post system where your handrail appears to have a continuous run, or just at the bottom with a volute, turn-out or start easting with cap. There is always some sort of handrail fitting that sits over a pin-top newel.

Stabilizer Newel Posts

The stabilizer newel is used to provide extra support in a long run of railing where a fitting can not be used.

Types of Staircase Treads

Purchase the following types of staircase treads at http://cheapstairparts.com/treads-risers.Standard Tread with BullnoseThe standard bullnose tread is generally a 1 inch thick tread that comes in a variety of depths (11-1/2″ to 18″) and lengths (42″ to 96″). This tread has a bullnose on one side. A bullnose is just a rounded edge. This tread usually [...]

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Contractor Discount Program

Contractors, installers, designers and others associated with stair remodeling are able to get up to 10% off listed website pricing.No discounts greater than 5% are rewarded on first time orders, but on orders after the first, you can get 10% off. To apply, just have placed $500 in parts in the past, and ask to [...]

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$5.00 can easily be the difference in outstanding quality, or horrible quality in hardwood stair treads. This post explains the difference between our treads vs. our competitors. The treads featured in this post were purchased from a competing wood mill and it clearly shows just how much quality difference there is in just a $5.00 [...]

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